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Sub70 TAIII Forged Iron Set Review

Short Summary: Golfers looking to improve their high iron play should consider the TAIII Forged irons. The set features great playability throughout, but the high irons stand out for their ability to land softly on the greens.


While many may look the same upon first glance, not all iron sets are created equal. This could not be more apparent in the TAIII iron set by Sub70 Golf, which has weighting that changes as one goes from high irons to low irons. This degree of difference in weighting within the iron set is something that is more unique these days but is a growing trend within the golf industry as it seeks to test the limits of what iron sets can do.

Specs and Features Overview

Designed in collaboration with Tommy Armour III with low-handicap golfers in mind, the TAIII forged iron set features a players muscle back design and a unique weighting system. The high irons feature three tungsten weights placed lower and further back on the clubhead to promote higher launch and softer landing shots, while the mid-irons feature weighting higher up to promote a lower trajectory. Three distinct finishes are offered – satin, raw, and black.

How do the TAIII Forged Irons stack up?

Looks – B+

The clubhead looks a bit different from the back with the tungsten weights protruding from the high irons, but overall, the iron set features a classic look with a thin topline and minimal offset.

Sound/Feel – A

What golfers will appreciate most out of this iron set is the high irons in particular. They feel like hitting hybrid clubs in their ability to get the ball in the air quickly and land soft on the greens. A comparable iron set as far as overall feel and sound goes is the Mizuno Pro 225 iron set, which is more than double the price point of the TAIII set.

Distance – B+

While the high irons are average when it comes to distance, the mid and low irons are above average to most comparable players muscle back iron sets. The mid irons in particular have a penetrating ball flight that works well in windy conditions when one needs to keep the ball lower. The low irons feature both above average distance and stopping power on the greens.

Forgiveness – B

If there was one area of improvement for the TAIII iron set, it would have to be forgiveness. Forgiveness overall is average at best, with the higher irons providing better forgiveness than the lower irons. Shots that are mishit closer to the heel tend to provide more forgiveness than off the toe of the clubhead.

Playability – A

When it comes to shaping shots with the high and mid irons, there are few iron sets at this price point that can compare favorably. Lower handicap golfers will love the playability that this iron set features, whether they are looking to shape shots around the course or move the ball at different flight levels.

Overall – A-

For the price point that it offers, the TAIII forged iron set is arguably the best bang for your buck you can get these days. The high irons in particular stand out among the best one can find on the golf market these days, as low handicap golfers will appreciate the high launch they provide.

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