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Sub70 659 CB Series Golf Irons Review

Short Summary: An ideal set for those looking for more forgiveness out of a players cavity back iron set. Compares favorably to the Taylormade PM7C at a much lower price point.


One of the more popular trends going on in the golf world is the proliferation of custom club manufacturers. Among those is Sub70 Golf, one of the newer brands out on the market today. This review will cover their 659 CB Series iron set.

Specs and Features Overview

The 659 CB Series Iron set an update from the previous 639 CB Iron set, with the main difference being additional weight added to the bottom of the clubheads. Two particular features of note with the irons are an undercut technology in the higher irons to create more ball speed and distance, along with DT-4 soft steel forged clubheads which promote more feel and workability.

How do the 659 Series CB Irons stack up?

Looks – B

The 659 CB Series irons have a classic look to them with a thin topline. Nothing special, but they could certainly be a lot worse. What is great about these irons is that they come in different finishes – satin, raw, or black. The black set in particular has a great overall look to them.

Sound/Feel – A

Overall, the irons have not only a great sound when hitting them but fantastic feel as well regardless of whether it is a high iron or a low iron. What truly separates irons as far as feel goes is on mishits. Whether it is off the toe or the heel of the clubs, one can still get a great feel out of these irons.

Distance – B+

It is sort of a tale of two irons when it comes to distance with the 659 CB Series irons. The higher irons provide fantastic distance both off the tee and in the fairway, while the lower irons were a bit underperforming compared to similar players cavity back irons. If one is having difficulty finding distance with their higher irons, definitely give these a try.

Forgiveness – A

The hallmark of this iron set is the forgiveness it provides from high-to-low irons. When it comes to mishits of the toe of the irons in particular, the set was arguably more forgiving than the Taylormade P7MC irons, which come in at nearly double the price point. It truly feels difficult to hit an iron shot and not expect it to go straight and on the correct ball flight, and that is what truly separates a good forgiving iron from a great one.

Playability – B

A bit above average but not among the best when it comes to playability out on the course. The iron set is fairly easy to fade and draw shots with but can be a bit more resistant towards shots that require intentional slices and hooks.

Overall – A-

Overall, the 659 CB Series iron set has a lot going for it, especially when it comes to forgiveness. They certainly give the Taylormade P7MC irons a run for their money, and at half the price why not give them a try?

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