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Sub70 949X Hybrid Golf Club Review

Short Summary: Especially great when trying to get out of trouble, the 949X Hybrids will make golfers rethink changing out their higher irons for hybrids.


Since hybrid clubs were first introduced on the market by Cobra in 1998, they have gone from a club that everyone who struggled with high irons would use to one relegated for only for older players. This really should not be the case today, as hybrid clubs have come a long way when it comes to both technology and adjustability. Case in point, the 949X Hybrids feature both newly developed technology and great adjustability for any golfer.

Specs and Features Overview

The 949X Hybrids come in four lofts (18/21/24/27) and feature a black finish with a carbon fiber crown and a cupped face made from 455 carpenter steel. A weight has been put towards the back of the club to promote a greater launch angle, and the hybrids also feature four hosel adjustment settings that can change both the face angle and lie angle.

How do the 949X Hybrids stack up?

Looks – A

The hybrids feature a sleek look that inspire confidence both off the tee and in the short grass. The carbon fiber crown really adds a nice touch aesthetically.

Sound/Feel – A

Shots both sound and feel great no matter where the ball comes off of the clubface. It really helps to inspire more confidence out of bad lies than anything else. Even shots that normally feel like stingers don’t feel the same way with these hybrids.

Distance – B

Not the furthest hybrids out on the market today, comparable to the Wilson D9 hybrids. The amount of carry is above average, however, and golfers looking to get more carry than what their high irons are providing will certainly want to consider the 949X Hybrids. Shots off the tee were comparable to most other hybrids as well.

Forgiveness – B+

Forgiveness overall is above average, although not on the same level as the Taylormade Stealth hybrids. Shots off of the heel were much more forgiving than off of the toe, but the hybrids performed above expectations when it came to very bad lies.

Playability – A

What sets the 949X hybrids apart from its competitors is the amount of playability that they offer. Whether it is high rough, deep in a bunker, or a plugged lie the hybrids are more than capable of helping golfers get out of the worst of lies unscathed. An underrated aspect of these hybrids is the ability to shape shots both off the tee and in the fairway. It was very easy to do both, and really sets these hybrids apart.

Overall – A

Among the best in its class, it compares similarly to the Ping G425 hybrid in that it offers great playability for a hybrid but not the greatest amount of distance. The 949X hybrids should easily be considered for any golfer looking to replace their high irons with hybrids that offer great feel and launch out of any lie.


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