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Sub70 JB Forged Wedges Review

Short Summary: Golfers looking for greater feel out of their wedges with added versatility should consider trying the JB Forged wedges.


Amateur golfers who tend to just buy the cheapest wedge off of the rack at a local golf store are truly missing out on the opportunity to shave strokes off of their game, as wedges can offer a variety of benefits. Some offer great feel around the greens, while others may provide a great degree of versatility to hit any short shot with more confidence. The Sub70 JB Forged wedges can do both, providing a great alternative.

Specs and Features Overview

Designed by former professional golfer Jeff Bicknell, the Sub70 JB Forged wedges feature a 1020 carbon steel clubhead with a milled clubface. Lofts range from 46 degrees all the way to 64 degrees. Similar to the iron sets, the wedges feature three different finishes – satin, raw, and black.

How do the JB Forged Wedges stack up?

Looks – B

The wedges feature a unique milled design on the back of the clubheads, but other than everything else is pretty much what one would expect out of a wedge.

Sound/Feel – A

What really helps to differentiate the JB Forged wedges from competitors is the amount of feel one can gain from hitting them. The best way to describe it is buttery soft. The wedges set the standard when it comes to feel around the greens.

Distance – B

Not the furthest wedges out on the golf market today, but they do a solid job of providing consistent distance when needed. The backspin provided on approach shots is above average, and one can expect the ball to check up when needed while hitting these wedges with a decent golf ball to go along with them.

Forgiveness – B

These are the sort of wedges where you need to hit it as close to the center as possible on every shot in order to get the most out of them. While they do provide a degree of forgiveness on mishits, they are not on par with the Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges.

Playability – A

Where the wedges truly shine is in their playability and shot making ability. Whether it is flop shots, out of the sand, out of the deep rough, you name it, when hitting the JB Forged wedges on the sweet spot they go exactly where you need them to go every single time. The wedges truly inspire confidence around the greens.

Overall – B+

While not on the same level as the Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges overall, the JB Forged wedges are certainly a viable option that every golf should consider adding to their bad. The versatility that these wedges provide is amazing, and lower handicap golfers will appreciate the ability to hit any shot they want around the greens with confidence.

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