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Sub 70 JB Forged Wedge Full Groove Raw

Sub 70 JB Forged Wedge Full Groove Raw


**Clubhead Component Only**

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Creativity around the green is essential to shooting low scores. However, a player's ability to execute shots creatively is often hampered by the grind, bounce, and groove technology on their wedges being engineered for one type of shot.

The JB Wedge is Sub 70's most versatile wedge, and the addition of full groove technology amps up the freedom for selecting different shots by an order of magnitude. The full face grooves create additional spin as the ball travels up the face on shorter shots, especially those that require opening the face. As a result, the ball goes higher and lands softer, which means you can not only more easily control your ball flight and roll out, but that you can be more aggressive, knowing the ball will react how you expect. Simply put, the JB Raw Full Groove Wedge provides more control and allows you to be more aggressive. . . a true gift when it comes to shots around the green.

Please note that the raw finish club heads are meant to rust and create a patina over time. They will arrive with a dull satin appearance but do not actually have a finish applied to them. These heads will begin to rust and build character as they are introduced to moisture and the elements. The player's treatment of the clubs will ultimately affect the amount of rust/patina on each club