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Sub 70 AL6 Armlock Putter

Sub 70 AL6 Armlock Putter


**Clubhead Component Only**

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Through the all of fittings done at Sub70 over the years, we've found that while every player has a unique putting stroke, there are certain similarities in stroke that are consistent over large groups of players. Two of the similarities that we often see are inconsistent or overabundant wrist hinge, and overactive hands. For the player looking to quiet the wrists and hands, put a better roll on the ball via proper loft and shaft lean characteristics, and an easier, more consistent means of lining up the putter behind the ball, Sub70 is proud to offer the AL-6 Armlock Putter.

Like all Sub70 putters, the AL-6 is milled from a single billet of 1045 carbon steel for soft and responsive feel, with a double milled face and black finish. The mallet style head provides additional benefits in MOI and stability, with extremely consistent results even in the case of an off center strike. The loft and lie of the putter are specifically dialed in to provide the ideal strike parameters when the putter is locked into the forward arm and shaft lean is maintained throughout the stroke. Finally, as a result of the consistent grip and set up while using an armlock style putter, players will find that consistent alignment comes much more easily. The AL-6 has 15 degrees of toe hang, and is ideal for players with minimal face rotation or arc in their stroke.

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