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Sub 70 799 Irons

Sub 70 799 Irons


**Clubhead Component Only**

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The newest addition to the Sub70 game improvement family, the 799 iron, is the most forgiving iron we have ever designed. For the player seeking straighter, higher ball flights, the 799 is a literal game changer. The 799 utilizes hollow body technology with the same ultra-thin 1.7mm, 455 Carpenter Steel face as our award winning 699 iron. The head is then injected with TPE resin for improved feel, increased energy transfer and ball speeds.

Correspondingly, this allows the player with slower swing speeds to get the ball in the air faster and hit it further. Moreover, perimeter weighting, high MOI and a revised ultra-wide sole design provide the ultimate in forgiveness, allowing even imperfect strikes to have impressive results. If longer, straighter, and higher golf shots are what you want, the Sub70 799 irons have what you need.

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