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Sub 70 699U Utility Club

Sub 70 699U Utility Club


**Clubhead Component Only**

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From the best players among us to the middle of the pack, all players search for clubs that are long, accurate, and allow them to mitigate or eliminate risk. Developed for the player who prefers the look of an iron over a hybrid, the Sub70 699 Utility Irons provide the same forgiveness, accuracy and elevated ball speeds associated with hybrids in an iron profile. The philosophy and design process for the 699 Driving Iron was uncomplicated. The 699 irons have the hottest face with the largest sweet spot achievable with current manufacturing tolerances. The result is a utility iron that launches higher, spins less, goes farther, and feels better than any utility club out there. Available in seven lofts (2-7 iron), the 699-U can be transplanted directly into the bag with an existing set of 699s, where the lofts will be perfectly in line with the rest of the set, or played individually as an individual long iron in replacement of a similarly lofted hybrid or fairway metal.

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