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Sub 70 699 Pro Utility Satin

Sub 70 699 Pro Utility Satin


**Clubhead Component Only**

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Refinement is key in all areas of life, including your golf game. True to that ethos, the 699 Pro Utility takes all that made the original 699 Utility iron successful and distills it into a player's package. While retaining the original 699U's hot face, massive sweet spot, and general good looks, the Pro version has a thinner topline, narrower sole, and less offset, giving it a more refined look and reduced size that is exceptionally pleasing to stand over at address. Developed for the player who prefers a smaller profile and the ability to shape shots, the Sub70 699 Pro Utility Irons provide forgiveness, accuracy and elevated ball speeds, while maintaining the compact profile that so many of us desire. The result is a utility iron that launches higher, spins less, goes farther, and feels better than any utility club out there. Additionally, as with the 699U, the 699 Pro Utility lofts will align perfectly with your 699 iron set, and are available in 2, 3, and 4 Utility Irons.

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