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Nippon NS Pro 1050GH Iron Steel Shaft

Nippon NS Pro 1050GH Iron Steel Shaft



There's no shortage of golfers who like who like their lightweight shaft a little heavier.  The N.S.PRO 1050GH is a professional-validated model designed for golfers who like to swing harder and enjoy the solid feel of a slightly additional weight. It features easier contact than regular weight shafts to help give your swing greater consistency.


  • Features weight balance and adjusted wall thickness construction to position the 1150GH Tour in the semi-lightweight class.
  • Exclusive two-weight-point design increases rigidity of both tip and grip.
  • Construction adds speed due to the lightweight mid section and stability due to the reinforced tip and butt.
  • Perfect for golfers who want the feel of a shaft that swings fast, but plays under control

More information on Nippon Official Website:

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