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Custom Fitted Golf Clubs vs. Retail Stock Clubs: Debunking the Cost Myth

golf shop and club fitter in singapore assembling the sub 70 golf iron in  Safra Mount Faber


When it comes to golf clubs, many golfers have the misconception that custom fitted clubs are significantly more expensive than retail stock clubs, akin to the cost difference between off-the-rack clothing and tailored suits. However, in the golf industry, this is far from the truth. Custom fitted clubs not only provide golfers with improved performance and better results on the course but can also be obtained at a similar price point to retail stock clubs, making it an option that every golfer should consider. Let's dive into the facts and dispel the myth surrounding the cost of custom fitted clubs.

1. Understanding the True Value of Custom Fitted Golf Clubs:

Custom fitted golf clubs are meticulously tailored to suit a golfer's unique swing characteristics, body type, and playing style. This personalized approach ensures that the clubs optimize the golfer's performance, leading to better accuracy, distance, and consistency. Many golfers tend to overlook the long-term benefits of custom fitting, including improved scores and reduced chances of injury, which far outweigh the initial investment.

2. Debunking the Cost Myth: Custom Fitted Clubs vs. Retail Stock Clubs:

Contrary to popular belief, custom fitted clubs are not inherently more expensive than retail stock clubs. In fact, many reputable golf shops and club fitters, including those in Singapore, offer complimentary club fitting services when a golfer purchases a set of clubs. This makes the overall cost of custom fitted clubs comparable to off-the-shelf options, making it a no-brainer for golfers to choose personalized clubs for an enhanced golfing experience.

3. The Advantage of Club Fitting in Singapore:

For golfers in Singapore, finding a reliable golf shop with professional club fitters is essential. A reputable golf shop in Singapore should have experienced club fitters who can guide golfers through the fitting process, helping them choose the best equipment from renowned brands like Sub 70 Golf clubs.

4. The Sub 70 Golf Club Brand: A Stellar Choice for Custom Fitted Clubs:

Sub 70 Golf is a brand that exemplifies quality craftsmanship and performance. As an advocate for custom fitting, Sub 70 Golf clubs are designed to be customized to suit individual golfers perfectly. By subtly incorporating keywords such as "golf shop in Singapore," "golf club fitter in Singapore," and "Sub 70 Golf club brand," this article aims to raise awareness about the availability of custom fitted Sub 70 Golf clubs in Singapore's biggest retail golf shop.


Custom fitted golf clubs offer immense value and benefits to golfers, debunking the myth that they are substantially more expensive than retail stock clubs. With the availability of complimentary club fitting services and top-notch brands like Sub 70 Golf, golfers in Singapore have every reason to invest in custom fitted clubs for an improved and tailored golfing experience. Emphasizing the importance of club fitting and promoting the availability of Sub 70 Golf clubs in our retail golf shop will undoubtedly lead to better-informed golfers who are eager to invest in personalized clubs for their journey on the golf course.

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