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Buying Retail Golf Clubs vs. Buying Fitted Golf Clubs

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

There are numerous options for golfers to consider when it comes to buying golf equipment in Singapore these days, from balls to shoes to golf clubs themselves. Golf clubs in Singapore are available at a variety of price points and offer a dizzying array of options for golfers to consider. Among them is whether or not to get the golf clubs fitted and if there are any advantages to doing so. This article will go into the pros and cons of buying clubs retail versus buying them fitted.

Buying Retail Golf Clubs – Pros and Cons

For many of those who are beginning the game of golf, buying golf clubs at a golf retail store in Singapore is a great option, especially given the amount of club sets that are offered at discount prices. Golf can be a very expensive game to play if one truly wants the best of everything. However, those starting out in the game or who do not have a lot of money at their disposal will find retail golf clubs to be a viable alternative to getting fitted clubs. The availability of retail golf clubs is another positive factor to consider, as one can simply go into any retail golf outlet and find clubs to match their budget.

Among the downsides of buying retail golf clubs, the main one is that the size of the golf clubs may not be suitable to every golfer. Golf clubs are not a one-size-fits-all product, as golfers can vary in their heights and sizes. While one could certainly buy golf clubs at a retail store and immediately start playing with them, they will be at a disadvantage because the clubs are not fitted for their overall dimensions. Playing with golf clubs that are too long or too short will lead to extra strokes being added to the round and a more uncomfortable round of golf as well compared to fitted clubs.

Buying Fitted Golf Clubs – Pros and Cons

For those who can afford to, buying golf clubs that are fitted is a great way to truly enjoy the game of golf and all that it has to offer. Golfers can feel more confident and comfortable having golf clubs that are tailored to their dimensions. Those who have been playing golf for some time without having their golf clubs fitted will find themselves lowering their golf scores also, as they will find greater distance and more accuracy around the golf course after being fitted.

As stated earlier, one of the main cons to fitted golf clubs are the extra fees involved in doing so. Whenever one purchases a new golf club, they would need to get it fitted, which adds up over time if someone plays golf many times each year. Golf club fitters in Singapore generally charge S$85 for a fitting session, so it is a small price to pay for a tailor made clubs. Generally speaking, golfers who play a lot should replace their golf clubs every 3-4 years, not only due to wear and tear but also due to the fact that technology continues to advance in ways that golfers need to take advantage of the benefits whenever they can.

Whether one buys golf clubs from retail stores or buys fitted golf clubs, they can still find a lot of enjoyment out of playing the game of golf. Go out there and have fun! Golf Rolodex is the sole distributor of Sub 70 Golf equipment in Singapore and we provide both retail and custom fitted options for all golfers in Singapore. Should you need more information to buy a retail set or to be custom fitted for set, feel free to email us at or call us at +65 8875 2873.


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